Speed and Strength Thumper Jeans Review, Are They Comfortably Safe?

Speed and Strength Thumper Regular Fit Jeans Review

In today’s review we are going to cover the Speed and Strength Thumper Regular Fit Jeans. They are great riding jeans for those looking for a low budget option.


Because they cost under $100, are made out of good abrasion resistant materials and have some armor padding to boot.

They aren’t the absolute greatest pair out there, there are a couple of design hiccups with these… but if you’re looking at getting these then you’re in the mindset of having a good pair that doesn’t cost you a bunch of cash.

When it comes to a pair that doesn’t break the bank but will keep you highly protected, these can be a great choice. Pants will help tremendously in the event of an accident, riding pants are important and you’ll wish you had a pair if you ever have to put the bike down and slide.

With that, let’s get to the review.

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