The 10 Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmets Under $150 In 2022 – Reviews & Comparisons

Whether you are a new rider and need to find the best low-cost motorcycle helmets out there or if you’re looking for another helmet that doesn’t put a huge dent in your wallet… we are here to help out.

In this guide we are going over the best cheap motorcycle helmets that don’t sacrifice important safety measures and materials for profit.

We’ll go over our recommendations for why we chose each helmet listed here and where you can get it. If you’re in a hurry, we have listed our main picks foremost.

However, we hope you take your time and look through all of the helmets listed here as some are going to be a different type of helmet and depending on your motorcycling style, you may want to read up on some of the different helmets other than only our main picks.

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How To Buy A Motorcycle Helmet Online: Follow These Steps Before You Buy

How To Buy A Motorcycle Helmet Online

Buying motorcycle helmets online can be a little intimidating at first. How are you going to be confident in your helmet choice if you don’t know how to buy a motorcycle helmet online?

That’s why we decided to write up this post! It’s great ordering helmets online because you can usually find them for the lowest price point and you can read up about real riders that are already using any specific helmet.

But there are some guidelines to go over before you pull the trigger and start browsing around which is what we will be going over in this post.

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Materials Used In Motorcycle Helmets

There are many different types of materials used in motorcycle helmets and we’d like to share why these different materials are used to protect your head.

There are some materials that are used more than others and there are some materials that are only used with the most expensive helmets.

It’s true that the more you pay, the higher quality and more durable material you’re going to get out of a helmet but some of the materials used in the more affordable protective helmets do just fine.

With that, let’s go ahead and look into the different types of materials used in motorcycle helmets.

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