The 5 Best Motorcycle Windshield Bags To Ride With – Reviews & Comparisons

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

Searching around for the best motorcycle windshield bags to add to your bike’s storage capabilities? Then it’s a good thing we decided to create this guide!

This post is dedicated to helping you find the best of the best when it comes to moto windshield bags. We’ve factored in build quality, real rider feedback, different use cases for bags, and whether or not they will stand the test of time.

Hopefully, this post helps you pinpoint the exact bag that you’ve been wanting to add to your bike!

Best Motorcycle Windshield Bags

Motorcycle Windshield Storage Bags – Our Guide & Overview

Different types of bags will be better than others based on the design of the windshield of your bike. For example, if you’re riding a Harley with a Batwing fairing then you might want to opt for a larger, three pouch windshield bag.

This guide is focused on general, single pouch windshield bags. Single pouch bags are universal and can fit multiple types of bikes – hence why that will be the focus here. They all attach to the center bolt of your bike’s windshield.

We aren’t including any low-quality crap on this guide. There will be some budget options for those of you that want something simple, but you’ll need to go up a notch if you’re wanting something that can stand the test of time and keep your belongings dry when riding in the rain.

The bags showcased in this guide will be great for storing some essential tools, a phone, your keys, and other small items. They’re meant for easy access to the things that are most important while you’re on your ride.

Right now, the Kemimoto Windshield Bag is the top pick because the PU leather material is sturdy and it’s just the right size to fit most of your personal items. There is plenty of rider feedback with this one on how well it stays together and lasts with good double stitching.

If you’re looking for something smaller that doesn’t have any branding then the Leather and Chrome WS160.00 Windshield Bag is the bag to get. It has a metal turnbuckle and has a minimalistic design, it’s great if you’re looking for a simple bag.

There are multiple options when it comes to getting a windshield bag for your bike, so keep reading through and check out the other options that we’ve listed here. Each bag has its own set of pros and cons.

By reading through all of the top options on the market, you should be able to dial down which bag will be best for your ride.

Comparison Table

Kemimoto Windshield Bag

Sturdy materials, heavy water resistance, and a sleek design. This bag from Kemimoto is a great bag if you need a bag that will absolutely stand the test of time. 

1st Choice

Milwaukee Leather SH49908 Windshield Bag 

A unique brown leather style with a braided leather trim - this pick from Milwaukee Leather is a compact bag that can match plenty of distinctive bike styles.

Runner Up

Raider BCS-922 Windshield Bag

If you are looking for the most affordable windshield bag that is on the market then this bag from Raider is the one to go with. It has a tight velcro closure and a good metal bracket to mount a bag up for the lowest cost.

Value Choice

Top 5 Rated Motorcycle Windshield Bags

1. Kemimoto Windshield Bag

This bag from Kemimoto features a sturdy, PU leather design that is easy to access and won’t budge on retaining its quality.

Due to the quality of PU leather used, it has some of the best water resistance compared to other bags that are on the market.

Dimensions are 10″ x 5.5″ x 3″ which is plenty of room to store a phone, keys, garage opener, and a wallet all at once.

Capacity is important with any bag – this one is able to hold multiple items and uses a durable PU leather material.

All of the bags here have a back mount that is roughly 9mm which fits most standard windshield bolt sizes. We touch up more on installation and compatibility towards the end of the guide, but with Kemimoto’s bag specifically, it’ll fit most bikes that have the standard center windshield bolt.

This bag has a bracket along with the mount which makes installing that much easier compared to bags that don’t include a bracket.

Kemimoto lists that it’s compatible with king-sized windshields for a Road King, Softail, and Freewheeler models but it’s compatible with almost any bike that has the center bolt on the windshield to mount it on.

The only downside to this bag is that it doesn’t have back buckle mounts if you wanted to optionally mount it to a fork on your bike.

If you’re looking for something that is durable, easy to use, and has a design that is akin to some of the well-known bag brands out there then this will be a great bag to add to your bike.


  • Durable, PU leather materials used
  • Double stitching
  • Water resistant


  • Does not come with back mounting buckles

2. Milwaukee Leather SH49908 Windshield Bag

Milwaukee Leather’s bag has a compact design with braided leather trim. It stands out with brass chrome studs, Milwaukee Leather branding, and brown leather.

PVC leather is used for the construction of this bag which makes it stiff. It comes down to what you’d prefer as some riders prefer a flexible bag or the feeling of a more stiff opening. Regardless, the PVC leather used still feels sturdy.

It has a turnbuckle closure like the first bag and the dimensions come out to 8″ x 4″ x 3″. It’s a bit smaller than other bags, but it will still fit the essentials.

Back mounting buckles mean that you can mount the bag on a fork or have an extra mounting option on the handlebars.

Milwaukee Leather added back buckles to the bag which provides extra options for mounting. Whether it be to keep it more sturdy on the windshield bracket or if you want to move it around – that’s what’s great about having added back buckles.

One rider reported that the leather coloring rubs off after a while, but this is one of the only bags on the market with this type of style.

If you’re looking for a compact, brown leather windshield bag then this is one of the best options. It has a unique style and serves its purpose well.


  • Unique styling
  • Additional back mounting buckles


  • Leather coloring may rub off after a while

3. Raider BCS-922 Windshield Bag

If you’re wanting the most budget-friendly pick for a windshield bag then it’s hard to beat this one from Raider.

This bag is one of the most affordable bags on the market (right around the $20 mark) and it still gets the job done for storing your necessities.

It’s sized at 8″ x 6″ x 4″ which is a chunk larger than some of the other smaller bags listed here. It’s constructed with PVC leather materials and has a velcro closure.

Universal mounting options at a very affordable price point – Raider’s bag is a top-notch budget pick.

This bag has back buckles so that you have more options when it comes to mounting. When shutting it, there are a couple of flaps inside that helps to keep water from getting inside the bag.

From rider feedback, the velcro is very strong and always keeps shut while riding. The only big downfall from this bag is that the mounting bolt that comes with it sticks out farther than it should, it can get in the way while reaching into the bag.

Some riders also noticed that they received one that didn’t have the studs perfectly lined up. This could be due to a rushed manufacturing process that lines up with the lower price point.

If you replace the bolt with something smaller, then this would be ideal for those of you that would prefer a velcro closure. At this price, it’s a good deal for convenient storage.


  • Very affordable
  • Secure velcro closure
  • Back mounting buckles


  • Mounting bolt that comes with is too long
  • Studs may not be perfectly centered

4. Milwaukee Leather SH63301 Windshield Bag

Another bag from Milwaukee Leather – this one is a newer release that focuses on simplicity and maximizing available storage space.

It’s made out of smooth PVC leather, has a straightforward turn clasp lock, and has plenty of storage space.

The dimensions come out to 6.5″ x 11″ x 3″ which makes it one of the deepest storage bags featured here. You’ll be able to fit the most items in this one, but you’ll also need to ensure that it’ll fit well without getting stuck behind your handlebars.

The back metal bracket will secure the bag and keep it from tilting side to side.

This has a metal center bracket for the windshield or you can mount it up with the double strap buckles on the back. Either way, this bag isn’t going anywhere once it’s mounted on.

With this being a newer release from Milwaukee Leather, there isn’t much rider feedback on the bag itself. It should be compatible with almost any windshield that has a center bolt, but the sizing could conflict if you don’t have much room between the windshield and your handlebars.

If you’re looking for a smooth design and want to make the most out of having deep storage in a windshield bag then this is going to be the bag to go for!


  • Deep storage
  • Smooth design
  • Includes double buckle mounting


  • Not much rider feedback
  • Could conflict with bikes that don’t have much room from the windshield due to size

5. Leather and Chrome ‎WS160.00 Windshield Bag

This last bag from Leather and Chrome is a good pick if you’re looking for a sleek, black leather bag that doesn’t have any branding. Minimalism is the main focus of this bag.

It’s 9 3/4″ x 5″ x 3″ for dimensions and it has a metal bracket to keep it secure after being mounted. It is made of PVC leather, has a turn clasp lock, and has a very simple design.

Having the metal bracket keeps it from moving around which is great to see in a compact bag like this. We weren’t able to find another bag on the market that has a metal bracket and has a minimal design style like this.

Although it doesn’t come with double back buckles – the metal bracket is a nice touch to keep it snug and secure while riding.

You’ll be able to fit small items in this bag and it serves its purpose of being a simple bag to use for your daily rides. It doesn’t come with back mounting buckles, you’ll only be able to mount it to your windshield.

There isn’t much else to say about this bag. It’s a basic design that keeps things simple. It has the essential features of any good windshield bag and is affordable.

It doesn’t come with a bolt so you’ll have to use the bolt that is on the crossbar of your windshield. If you need a basic black leather windshield storage bag – this is the one to snag.


  • Simple, black leather design
  • Attached metal mounting bracket


  • Doesn’t come with a mounting bolt
  • Doesn’t have double buckle mounts

Moto Windshield Bag Guidelines

Moto storage makes riding better – it’s something simple to add to your bike that increases your quality of riding life. With a windshield bag, you no longer need to always stuff your pockets or constantly have a backpack on during every ride.

Let’s go over some guidelines to help you ensure that whichever bag you decide to get will mount and fit correctly with your bike.

From installation, ensuring that your bike’s windshield is compatible, the types of materials that are being used with these bags – we want to go over everything you need to know before you move forward with one of these picks.

Mounting A Windshield Bag

Mounting any of these bags is a very simple process.

You’ll take the center bolt from the crossbar of your windshield off, align the bag with the crossbar, then screw the bolt back into the crossbar through the bag’s mounting hole.

Not every bike has a windshield that has a center bolt on the crossbar, so ensure that you have an option for mounting it before you get one. You can also opt for drilling your own mounting holes into a bag if you deem it necessary.

Some of these bags also have double back buckles that you can optionally mount to your handlebars or fork. Go with whatever works best for you. Most of the mounting holes of the bags are 9mm.

Remove the center bolt from your crossbar, line up your bag to the bolt, then screw it back in through the bag.
Windshield Compatibility

Again, make sure you have a central bolt in the crossbar of your windshield. You’ll also need to make sure that there is enough room between your windshield and your handlebars to be able to open and close any of the bags.

Almost all of the bags are 3″ in width which should make it easier to measure out and see if it’s able to have enough space for ease of access.

Materials Used

These bags either use PU leather or PVC leather as the main material used. This is synthetic leather that looks and feels like leather – but it’s a lot more cost-effective to produce.

This is why most of these bags are at a much lower price point compared to the big brand name bags. They essentially have all of the same features, but they’re not genuine leather.

Synthetic leathers still do a great job at being sturdy and keeping your belongings dry – look for side flaps inside of the bags and how tight the closure is if water resistance is the most important factor for you.

Windshield Storage Makes Riding Life Better

Storage makes riding more simple. Stop stuffing your pockets or filling up a backpack to the brim – windshield storage bags are good for any cruiser.

The bags featured here are some of the top-rated picks that are available today. You don’t have to spend an absurd amount of cash to have a bag that gets the job done.

If you’re wanting to add more accessories to your ride, check out the other riding accessory guides that we have here on the site – you can never add too many quality-of-life attachments to your ride.

So, which bag suits you best?

Are there any other windshield bags that you think should be featured here?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I have a windshield with vertical brackets 9” part and would like to find to bag to mount to the vertical brackets. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hey Amy,

      Unfortunately, which I’m sure you noticed, all of these bags are able to be mounted on the crossbar of the windshield… I haven’t come across any bags that have a vertical mount that lines up with that type of bracket. You could maybe opt for one of the bags that you’re able to attach to the front fork or your handlebars?

      I’ll keep a lookout, but for now, I haven’t seen anything for vertical brackets specifically. And I’m not certain that one of these bags, with the metal plate, would work on that type of bracket. You might be able to get by with a bag that doesn’t have a metal mounting plate in the back?

      Let me know what you end up trying out! 👍

    • Thanks, Tom!

      I suppose it’s possible to rig up any sort of bag to mount to the center bolt of the crossbar, but with these bags specifically it makes it a lot easier having a mounting slot included with these bags. The bag from Leather and Chrome would probably be the closest thing when you’re looking for something on the minimal side.

  2. This detailed break down comparing these bags was very helpful. The amount of information in the post made the process a lot easier when choosing one for myself.

    • Hey Cody,

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