Is It Hard To Ride A Motorcycle? The Do’s And Don’ts of Motorcycle Riding

Last Updated on March 17, 2020

Is it really hard to ride a motorcycle? Can a complete newbie ride a motorcycle? In today’s post we are going to go over the do’s and don’ts of motorcycle riding.

Everyone is new to motorcycle riding when they start. Some started at a younger age tearing it up on a dirt bike. Others are looking for a new hobby to get into and have never sat on a motorcycle in their life.

Like with anything else in life, you’re going to suck at doing something brand new for the first time. Riding a motorcycle is no different. However, if you’ve ever rode on a bicycle before then you’re halfway there.


Is It Hard To Ride A Motorcycle?


Is It Hard To Ride A Motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle, as far as the basics go, is similar to riding a bicycle. If you can ride a bicycle then you’ll be able to ride a motorcycle.

Sure, you’re not pedaling on a motorcycle and you don’t have to switch between gears on a bicycle but the riding position, being able to balance the motorbike and overall riding will come much easier if you have spent time riding a bicycle.

Of course there is more going on both with the motorcycle and with the ride itself from traffic all around you to understanding how and when to shift gears – but it’s not as hard as you’d first think.

When I took a motorcycle riding course the instructor asked everyone to raise their hand if they have ever rode a bicycle before.

He then let us know that if any of us had not rode a bicycle before that he’d ask them to leave. It’s more similar than you’d first think.

If you have a friend of family member with a motorcycle then it wouldn’t hurt to ask them if they’re able to show you the basics of starting the bike, how to walk/balance with it and how to slowly get moving.

Many beginner riders end up dropping the bike or taking it far too fast. If you don’t want to have a hard time learning how to ride a motorcycle then you need to be extremely patient with yourself.

If you rush into it and try to master the riding skills right away then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

If you’re brand new to riding then I’d absolutely recommend that you take a MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) course in your local area.

Usually through a community college or university, you can learn how to ride a motorcycle and overall motorcycle safety through a MSF course.


How & Where To Learn To Ride

Is It Hard To Ride A Motorcycle? - Motorcycle Safety Foundation

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has instructors all around the country to take new riders through a riding safety course to ensure that they know how to ride a motorcycle properly.

It’s usually done in a weekend and afterwards, depending on the state, you’ll be able to bring your MSF course certification and get a motorcycle license right away.

It’s well worth the cost because otherwise you’d have to take the state course where they are a lot more strict on the course and by taking the MSF course you’ll have motorcycle riding down.

The MSF certification shows that you can skip the state’s testing and simply get your motorcycle license.

Not only will the MSF course show you how to ride but they’ll also go through different tips and tricks of staying safe while you’re out and about with traffic.

If you would like to find a MSF course near you then head over to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation homepage, type in your zip code, hit search and they’ll show you a list of locations near you where you’ll be able to sign up for the course.


The Do’s And Don’ts of Motorcycle Riding

A MSF course will show you a lot more than a simple list of do’s and don’ts of motorcycle riding but it’s still good to know these bits of safety tips anyway.


Do’s And Don’ts of Motorcycle Riding:


DO: Keep your head on a swivel and keep aware of your surroundings.

DON’T: Space out and keep your head straight.


DO: Check your T-CLOCS, make sure your motorcycle is safe before riding.

DON’T: Ride without inspecting your motorcycle.


DO: Ride gently, smoothly and easily.

DON’T: Pop wheelies in traffic and always go past the speed limit.


DO: Wear and promote ATGATT.

DON’T: Be a squid and never wear safety gear.


DO: Take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation riding course.

DON’T: Ride a motorcycle without the proper knowledge.


DO: Use hand and turn signals.

DON’T: Assume traffic knows where you’re going.


DO: Take your time and be patient.

DON’T: Rush yourself learning to ride.


DO: Keep confident and understand that everyone sucks at riding at first.

DON’T: Give up riding because you dropped your bike.


DO: Have fun.

DON’T: Not have fun.


Riding A Motorcycle Can Be Easy

It’s only hard to ride a motorcycle if you make it difficult for yourself.

Make sure you look up a MSF course near you and take it! You’ll learn a lot and you’ll be able to get your motorcycle license with ease.

Follow what they teach you, take your time and ride with confidence. Riding a motorcycle is extremely fun and not everyone gets to experience the motorcycling life.

Have you taken a MSF course?

What are some other do’s or don’ts of motorcycle riding that you’d include?

Let us know in the comments below!

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