5 Quick Motorcycle Riding Tips

Last Updated on February 23, 2020

Riding provides that complete sense of freedom that is hard to find anywhere else. It’s a complete blast to ride around the city, give other freedom goers the wave, to feel the impact of your rev and simply enjoy the moment.

But we should always keep safety in mind while we’re out there cruising the streets or discovering new spots while out on a new venture.

That’s why we’ve decided to share some quick motorcycle riding tips with you today that you can always keep in mind while you’re riding.


1 – Keep Your Head On A Swivel

Anything could happen while we’re riding our bikes.

Drivers are texting and driving more than ever before. Hardly anyone is paying attention.

So it’s up to you to keep your head on a swivel and pay attention to all of your surroundings.



Always turn your head, look around and be certain of everything around you. Try to predict what a driver might do next.

Ride as if you are invisible to everyone else. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you are making every decision with complete control in mind.

Stay aware of your surroundings, ride as if nobody can see you and make smart predictions.


2 – Wear The Appropriate Gear

I personally cannot understand why someone would make the decision of not wearing gear.

Obviously it’s a nice feeling – the wind in the hot weather and not having a heavy helmet on your head…

But it makes a lot more sense to sacrifice those small comfortabilities for a heavily increased chance of survival in the event of a crash.

ATGATT. All The Gear All The Time.



Try and always wear your gear. No point in being a squid out there.

There are pieces of each type of gear that’s more suitable for hotter weather if sweating a little bit is your main concern.

There are loads of amazing looking helmets on the market so there’s no reason to try and act like it’s not “cool” to wear a helmet.

Riding gear can and will save your life.

Helmet, jacket, gloves, pants and boots. ATGATT.


3 – Ride Gently, Smoothly & Easily

There’s a time and a place to ride fast and pop wheelies.

You can always go to the track when you’re feeling the itch for speed and you can find a secluded parking lot to practice or outskirt areas if you want to pop a wheelie. There is no reason to pop em’ with a bunch of other cars around you.

When I went through the motorcycle riding course they preached riding gently, smoothly & easily over and over again and it’s true.

Not riding like a maniac helps you to slow down if someone cuts you off or pulls out in front of you.



If you are deciding to do a wheelie around a bunch of cars or you’re swerving in and out of traffic you’re not only putting yourself in complete danger but you’re also giving all other riders out there a bad name.

Be gentle on your turns and accelerations.

Smoothly transition from one lane to another.

Take it easy and enjoy the moment, you don’t always have to top your bike out.


4 – Use Hand Signals

I don’t use hand signals all the time. Our blinkers indicate pretty well when we are about to make a turn or a lane change.

But sometimes when I notice a car behind me inching closer or I have a gut feeling that they aren’t going to see my turn signal I go ahead and use a hand signal.



Especially while riding with friends, hand signals can help with where we are going or if we need to make a stop somewhere.

Hand signals are very noticeable to other drivers and by doing them you can increase your visibility and make yourself more noticeable.


5 – Have Total Patience

Road rage is hardly ever worth having.

Yes, it’s hard not to get angry at the idiot that just cut you off.

But becoming angry and speeding off or not being in the right mindset… it’ll only make you ride more dangerously.



Keep a cool head, be patient with the drivers around you and let them pass.

Let that idiot driver go ahead of you.

A couple hours from the moment that you let them go you will have forgotten and moved on anyway so there is no point to furthering your own personal distraction of anger.

Patience is a virtue.

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