Is A Slip-On Exhaust Worth It?

Last Updated on March 31, 2022

Slip-on exhausts are a great first mod to add to your bike when you want to change the sound of your pipes and want to add further aesthetic to your ride.

In a nutshell, a slip-on exhaust is worth getting if you want to change the sound and look of your motorcycle.

If you’re buying a slip-on exhaust to change how your motorcycle performs, then it’d be a waste of your money.

Let’s dive into what a slip-on exhaust does, how it’s different from full systems, and why you should or shouldn’t get one for your motorcycle.

Is A Slip-On Exhaust Worth It?
A slip-on exhaust can drastically change the sound of your motorcycle as well as convert its overall style…
But are they worth getting?

Slip-On Exhausts Are Not For Performance

There are a few key benefits to having a slip exhaust on your motorcycle, but increasing performance is not one of them.

An aftermarket slip-on sounds incredible when compared to a stock exhaust, they’ll almost always put a smirk on your face whenever you turn your bike on, and they look awesome on your ride.

Sure, the muffler is less cramped with a slip-on so it can change how your throttle response feels… But it’s never anything significant. On the bottom end, a slip-on will lightly help out the overall power of your bike… But that’s not why you should ever get a slip-on.

Full system aftermarket exhausts are where you start to get into the realm of actually changing the power of your motorcycle, but they also come with extra steps involved.

If you go with a full system exhaust, you’ll need to bring your bike in for a tune and have some fuel management changes in order for it to work correctly.

Which, really, that could be a reason why you’d want to go with a slip-on in the first place. With a slip-on exhaust, you don’t need to mess with anything else. You simply install it and it’s ready to go.

What To Look For In A Slip-On Exhaust

When it comes to finding the right exhaust for your bike, it comes down to your own personal style.

Obviously, you will need to double-check for compatibility with your bike before buying any exhaust, but as far as which one to go with… You’ll need to choose which one is most aesthetically pleasing for you and you should also try to get an idea of what it sounds like.

Most of the big-name, popular brands of slip-on pipes have plenty of riders on YouTube that you can check out to get an idea of the sound of a specific exhaust.

For example, check out the video below for exhaust comparisons for an SV650. Good comparison videos will have plenty of different exhausts being showcased… Find comparisons videos for your bike and get an idea of the different types of sound that different exhausts can achieve.

With that said, you’re still going to have a more full, complete sound in person. Videos do not do the sound of aftermarket exhausts total justice, but it’s a good way to get an idea of what type of sound you’d prefer out of your exhaust.

Whether you’d want a murkier sound, to have your bike thundering loudly down the road, or to have a lower growl coming out of your exhaust… It’s all personal preference.

The same goes for the style of the exhaust itself – titanium and carbon fiber exhausts are most sought-after due to their lighter weight. But they also come with a heftier price point…

In a nutshell, when it comes to knowing what to look for in an exhaust, you gotta dial in on your riding style and look into the sound differences yourself. There are plenty of showcase videos online for plenty of different bikes – find yours and enjoy the sounds.

How Much Should You Spend On A Slip-On?

Prices vary across the board from the under $100 range for some exhausts all the way to $500+ for a premium brand slip-on.

Budget out how much you’re willing to spend on a slip-on and check out the different options available like how we just mentioned above.

You can find some “diamonds in the rough” if you’re looking for cheaper slip-on exhausts – name-brand exhausts aren’t essential to having a solid slip-on added to your ride.

There are plenty of different exhaust brands to choose from, and they all have varying price points.

With my Ninja 250, I snagged an Akrapovič exhaust through the dealership where I bought the bike from. I was already getting a great deal on the motorcycle, so I figured why not splurge a bit and get something nice added to it.

That exhaust was just over the $450 mark, which is what most of the Akrapovič exhausts are priced at. I’ve got to say, the sound difference is actually unbelievable. It sounds like an entirely different bike with that slipped on.

You clearly need to stay within whatever budget point works for you, but there are plenty of options at different ranges of price.

Name-brand exhausts sound phenomenal, there is a lot of work done with higher-end brands. Some of the lower-end, “no-name” brand exhausts that are out there? They absolutely get the job done as well.

Is A Slip-On Worth It To YOU?

A slip-on exhaust is strictly for adding that extra bit of flair to your motorcycle’s style.

If you want more bite out of the sound of your bike, you want a pipe that pops out more, or if you’re wanting to add mods to your bike and need somewhere to start – slip-on exhausts are where it’s at.

If you want to get more horsepower, change the way your bike feels significantly, and want to fully change your exhaust… Then a slip-on isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need to look into full system exhausts.

When it comes to drastically changing the sound of your motorcycle and fine-tuning its style – we say that slip-on exhausts are completely worth getting.

Have you been looking into different slip-on exhausts for your bike?

Which brands do you like most? What type of exhaust sound do you look for in a slip-on?

Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Is A Slip-On Exhaust Worth It?”

  1. Yo so ive been looking at this Akrapovič Homologated slip-on exhaust for my Ninja ZX 10R (2007). My question is that ive also been eyeing a new a bike. Any advice on if I should kit/upgrade my existing bike or go for something more up to date?

    • Well, if you’re not planning on keeping your current bike if you bought another and you go for the slip, you can sell it for however much you’d want to sell it for plus the slip exhaust on top. I’d say to go for it, Akrapovič exhausts sound amazing and you might decide to keep it after you ride with the slip-on.


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