Choosing The Dream Motorcycle: Which Route To Follow?

Last Updated on March 22, 2022

There are several routes someone could follow when it comes to choosing the right motorcycle. The dream motorcycle, if you will.

Right now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place on the next motorcycle that I want to have… but there are so many choices and routes to follow so how am I going to know which is the most optimal route?

I think most riders get it wrong with this mindset.

It shouldn’t matter what your riding buddies say is the best bike for you.

And it definitely shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks about whichever bike you decide on.


Dream Motorcycle
What does YOUR dream motorcycle look like?


Choosing The Right Route 🛣

Choosing the right motorcycle for yourself comes down to pin pointing your riding style and then going out and sitting on a bunch of motorcycles that fit you and your personality.

I believe there are too many folks out there that more so listen to what their friends think about the next motorcycle they are looking into but… news flashthey aren’t the ones riding it!

Sure, get on YouTube and look up reviews of the different motorcycles that you are looking at getting because those are real rider reviews and they’ll provide a bunch of pros and cons about your next bike.

Don’t listen to the opinions of others… that’s not what motorcycling is about.

Listen to real riders that have experience with the bike but most importantly – listen to yourself.

Go sit on some motorcycles and get a heavy idea of the type of rider you are and what your favorite motorcycle styles are. You’ll then be able to choose a path that will one day lead you to your ideal bike, but I’m sure both of us know that it most likely doesn’t stop there.


Follow Your Path

What do you mean by “follow your path?” 

I’ll share my story with you to help you get a better idea of what following your motorcycling path is like.

When I was first intrigued about actually going out and buying a motorcycle, when a friend of mine who rode sort of peaked my interest and when I knew I could afford a motorcycle… I cannon balled right into the buying process.

After spending quality time riding your bike, you’ll start pondering… “What’s next?”.

We had travelled to different dealerships a couple of hours away and decided on a random kick to check out the Ducati dealership that was in the city.

The goal was to find a sport motorcycle that was blue and that called out to me… I felt like I wanted to start on a sport motorcycle.

Lo and behold… they had a blue 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250 that only had about 1,900 miles on it…

Fully serviced, new parts, all of the bells and whistles.

From research and hearing out other riders, it sounded like starting on a lower powered motorcycle would be the best bet to ease into the lifestyle and not kill myself with something that I wouldn’t be used to at all.

Looking back, I definitely do not regret buying the Ninja 250. It’s a blast and has enough power for my daily commutes, can easily use it on the highway and it’s so much fun to ride.

I knew after riding it that motorcycling was going to be something that I was going to fall in love with. With that comes the inevitable – researching into other bikes and whatever comes next.

I didn’t understand the scale of motorcycles in the industry today… From being someone brand new to riding and deciding to dive right into the world of it… I hardly did any research on all of the motorcycles out there that are available for beginners!

After riding for a good while now I’ve came to understand that I am not a sport rider… Yes, it’s an absolute blast to lean into the corners and hear the sporty sound of my Ninja 250…

But there is no way I’m riding it for more than a hour before my back starts hurting, hell even before a hour during a ride I’ll want to get off and take a break to stretch.

And I know that I want to be able to ride a motorcycle for much longer periods of time… To go across the country on a motorcycle… That’s most rider’s dream, right?

Well, someday I want to make that dream a reality.

To pack up a bunch of gear, get on my motorcycle and travel.

Camp out. ⛺

See the world. 🌎


Riding across the country and finding great places to camp… it’s my dream.


I’m sure it’s “doable” on a Ninja 250… but I’m not going to be the one to test that theory.

That has lead me onto research other bikes and finalizing an idea of future motorcycles that I’d want to have which has helped me come to some decision on what I’d want to get.

Hopefully by sharing my own stories and experiences it can help you fine tune an ideal motorcycle for yourself!

The goal is to inch towards your ideal motorcycle in the future.

Sure, you can always have more than one, but when it comes to the daily motorcycle… The one you can’t help but be on at all times…

There’s a process to figuring it out!


Cruising, Adventuring, Style & Having A Blast

Myself, I need to be able to explore the world on my bike, be able to cruise for longer periods of time but still be able to romp on the bike and have some fun whenever I wanted to…

Standard naked motorcycles, specifically the Suzuki SV650N, is what I currently have my eyes on for my next motorcycle.

2020 Suzuki SV650N
I’ve got my eyes on the Suzuki SV650N for realizing my ideal riding style.

It has a standard riding position, super comfortable to ride and there are a bunch of accessories available for it to turn it into a touring bike or even an adventuring bike if you so choose.

I know, touring and adventuring… there are specific motorcycles for that and trust me, I’ve done my research.

I see the benefits of having something like a V-Strom or a fully dressed Harley…

But the style of those bikes and how I’d feel while riding them… It doesn’t resonate nearly as much as something as the SV650N.

It comes down to multiple things. The fact that I can basically turn it into any type of motorcycle that I see fit…

It has the classic round headlight which I personally love the look of. The blue trim and the silver tank… Can’t stop looking at it. It has a standard riding position and still has a good feel for the twisties and cruising on the highway…

The SV650 also happens to be a highly affordable motorcycle as well. I’ve been eye balling the Honda CB650R as well but the price difference and color options drive me back to the SV650…

This doesn’t mean that it’d become the last motorcycle that I own but I know that it’d be a much more ideal type of motorcycle compared to my Ninja 250.

Arch motorcycles are just too amazing for me not to love them… They are a top-tier level of motorcycle for me.

If I want to go the distance and have a classic look without going completely broke… this seems to be the perfect bike for me – as far as my next motorcycle goes.

As for the ultimate motorcycles… An Arch KRGT-1 looks absolutely stunning and I love how Arch focuses on tailoring their motorcycles to each specific rider.

I don’t have much experience on cruiser motorcycles compared to sport bikes and naked bikes but those Arch motorcycles…

I could see myself inching towards that or others like it (granted that’s also if I make it into the big leagues… it’s a $70,000+ motorcycle.) ?

Honestly though, what’s the point in a dream motorcycle if you don’t dream it big?

Who knows… Maybe the SV650N is my last motorcycle because I will love it so much or maybe I won’t even go with that bike at all!

The point is, you should do your own research on plenty of motorcycles and fine tune what you think will be your “perfect” motorcycle in the future.

From riding my Ninja to getting the SV650N… maybe a cruiser is the next bike after that or maybe I keep the SV650 and get an actual adventure touring motorcycle for maximum comfort…

It’s hard telling, but that’s the beauty of it! Choosing your next bike(s) is all part of a motorcyclist’s journey.


What About YOUR Dream?

Now I want to hear from YOU!

What is your dream motorcycle?

What did you start riding on?

Did you end up getting a completely different motorcycle?

What riding types have you discovered for yourself?

Has that affected what bike is going to be your next?

I want to know your story, how you ended up getting the bike you have and if you have an idea of the route you are going to take to someday have your ideal motorcycle.

Digging deep and eventually getting to the one and only… it’s all part of the journey!

Let me know your story in the comments below!

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  1. Hey man, you really know your stuff! I love this page and took everything you had to say to heart! I will defiantly be looking for my gear through you!


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